Shadowing day

The shadowing day has been built for students to walk with an employee of a company for a day. The shadowing day is an ideal way to get to know a company when you as a student have time. During the day you can feel the working atmosphere in the company and see what a employee is doing on a daily basis. 

Enroll for the day

You can ask the Officer of External Affairs in person in the ConcepT room or by mailing She will sent you the details of the contact person within the company. Together with the contact you can set up a shadowing day which will inform you about the company.


The shadowing day network involves several companies which are active in different parts of the civil engineering. If you have questions about which type of company fits your interest, you can ask of mail the Officer of External Affairs. She will help you find a suitable company for your shadowing day.


  • [NL] Dura Vermeer
  • Mourik Infra
  • Strukton

​Engineering offices

  • Arcadis 
  • Sweco (online alternative)
  • [NL] KWS
  • Witteveen+Bos (facilitate online shadowing days)
  • TWD (physical shadowing days still possible)


  • [NL] Antea Group
  • APPM
  • [NL] AT Osborne (online alternative)


  • [NL] Rijkswaterstaat (online alternative)
  • [NL] Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam (facilitate online shadowing days)
  • [NL] WDODelta


  • TNO (facilitate online shadowing days)