International Student

If you are an international student, there might be some difficulties with studying in the Netherlands. As ConcepT, we try to help you as much as we can. On this page, you can find some usefull links. If you have other questions, you can contact the board by mailing them or just come to visit us in the ConcepT-Room. 


SEPA - Direct Debit
As ConcepT, we use Direct Debit to charge your contribution and other activities. In this bookles you'll find information about this Direct Debit.

UTwente International Student
The UT gives a lot of information for and about international students. This site will provides you almost everything you need.

This organization is the Dutch educational service from the government.

Buddy System UTwente
The UT provides in cooperation with the Student Union a Buddy system. As international student you can get a Dutch buddy who will help you with a lot of practical stuff.


More than a degree
Do you want to be active? On this website you can find some information about being active. This is just about being active in general. If you want to be active within ConcepT, see the 'Activsm Booklet' below.

Do you want to be active within ConcepT? This link provides you a lot of infomation about begin active, costs, time spending, different committees, etc.

Learning Dutch

Do you want to learn Dutch? The UT provides some courses. This link will help you to find it.

Language cafe
Want to learn and practice Dutch in an informal way? Than pay a visit to the monthly Language CafĂ©!