Alumni association

ConcreeT is the association for civil engineering oriented alumni of the University of Twente. Since 1995, ConcreeT offers alumni and students in final stages of their studies the opportunity to stay in contact regularly and exchange experiences. In addition, ConcreeT functions as intermediary between the theory of the study Civil Engineering and the daily practice in the work field.  

After your graduation, ConcreeT offers the opportunity to stay in contact with your classmates. To do so, ConcreeT organises a drink on a central location in the Netherlands every year. Furthermore, ConcreeT members can attend the ConcepT symposium with a discount. As a ConcreeT member, you can also keep receiving the ConcepTueel, and you can log onto the website of ConcreeT to look at recent vacancies.

A membership of ConcreeT costs €25 per year if you want to receive the ConcepTueel or €10 if you do not. Becoming a member is very easy: Send a mail to

To get into contact, you can call ConcepT (053-489 3884), mail to or take a look at the website of ConcreeT.

ConcreeT, the alumni association of Civil Engineering