You can become an active member of ConcepT bij participating in one or more committees. Being active is fun and interesting. You get to know a lot of different people and you will organise activities you have never organised before. By being active you also develop many different skills that you can’t learn from your study books. These skills are for example leadership, self management, being assertive and decisive. Activism is also a great addition to your resume. The work field shows that active students are more desired during the job application process.

The activism booklet of March 2022 and September 2022 can be found by clicking on the date. 

Time & Costs

Being active and studying can easily be combined. Committees meet once a week during the lunch break. In addition to these meetings a couple of things will have to be taken care of. On the next page, an overview of committees and the corresponding time investment is given.

Costs of participating in a committee is limited to the participation costs of the activities themselves. As a member of a committee you are expected to be present at your own activities. Committee outings and brainstorm moments also need to be paid by the committee members. All other costs made for the committee can be claimed from ConcepT. So there are no extra costs in joining a committee!

More information

Do you need more information about ConcepT, activism, time, costs or other things? This information can be found in various places. On this website, there is a lot of information about being active and about the different committees. Do you want more information about being active, within ConcepT or not, then the Student Union has a website about more than a degree. You can always ask the board for advise!

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