Master Thesis

The last part of the master programme is the master thesis. When you have less than 10 EC open in course work, you are officially allowed to start the preparation of your Master thesis. Twice a year, an information session is given about the Master thesis. Please make sure to enroll at the CEM/CME Canvas page to stay up-to-date! You can enroll to the general master canvas page via this link.

A lot of general information about the master thesis can be found in the student guideline. The Master Thesis student guide can be found here (version May 2020).


If you have any questions, please contact the study advisor Monique Duyvestijn. You can make an (online) appointment with here via the planner or send here an email ( if you have short questions.
If you have more specific questions, it is probably more useful to contact the Master thesis coordinator for the specific tracks:

For CME/Construction Process Management: Dr. Ir. Robin de Graaf /

For Transport Engineering and Management: Prof Dr. Ir. Eric van Berkum /

For Water Engineering and Management: Martijn Booij /

For Intergrated Civil Engineering Systems: one of the above

Before starting your master thesis, it can be useful to check previous master theses. In this way, you can get a better idea of what is expected and what topics are suitable. Examples of previous Master Theses can be found here.