Course Evaluations

Every quartile the courses you took get evaluated. You might remember the digital questionnaires you get sent after every module. Together with the panel discussion, this is the input for these course evaluations. The results of the questionnaire and panel discussions will be treated during evaluation groups and the meetings of the programme committee (OLC, for info see Organisation). Lastly, the programme director and teacher of the course will come up with improvements for next year. This all is gathered in the course evaluations you can find on BlackBoard. So if you’re interested in what happens with your input, check out the BlackBoard page of Quality Assurance.

If you want the have a look at the course evaluations, you need to be enrolled in the organisation of Quality Assurance. You can do this as follows:

  1. Go to the tab ‘Organisations’ in BlackBoard
  2. In the bottom right you can search in the organisation catalogue. Fill in: Kwaliteitszorg Civiele Techniek
  3. And add this organisation: ORG_AA_CTW_KWALITEITSZORGCIT
  4. It might take some time before you are enrolled since someone has to give you permission.

After you have added the organisation, you can find course evaluations from every year. So you can find out what improvements have been made compared to last year, or what the teachers will change for next year!

The university will stop using BlackBoard as an educational and informational platform. Canvas will be used when the new academic year will start. Since these platforms, and thus the location of the course evaluations will switch, you can find the course evaluations of 2017-2018 below.

Bachelor 17-18

Master 17-18