Order Books

For each module or Master's course, you'll need to have new books and that is quite an expensive business for all students. Therefore, if you want to order books, it might be smart to do that via ConcepT.

Due to a special contract, ConcepT offers you a discount of up to 15% by ordering your books at WO4YOU. Before each quartile, all the books needed for that quartile are checked by the teachers to ensure you will get the correct books and then sent to WO4YOU to (hopefully) ensure they have enough of the right books in stock. 

Via this link (WO4YOU), you can order your books, by filling in the following:

1. Under "Select your university" select "University of Twente"

2. Under "Select your study association" select "ConcepT"

3. Under "Select your education" select "Civil Engineering"

4. Under "Select your book list" select the list you are looking for

5. Click View book list

6. Order your books!

Do you have questions or issues with ordering your books? You can send an e-mail to the Officer Educational Affairs (onderwijs@concept.utwente.nl).