Tutor workpool


The ConcepT tutor workpool can be seen as a means to connect a student with a tutor.


Do you have difficulties in a certain subject and you want some help? You can fill in the form below. You will be matched with a tutor by the officer of educational affairs of ConcepT. You can also reach him directly by sending a mail to to education@ConcepT.utwente.nl.  Subsequently, you and your tutor can make agreements on date, frequency and payment.

Fill out my online form.


Are you good at a subject and you want to make some money? You can join the tutor workpool! Send an e-mail to education@ConcepT.utwente.nl. When the Officer Educational Affaires gets a request of a student, the mail will be forward to you. You are always free to decide wheter you want to refuse or accept a request.