History of ConcepT

The Beginning

On January 24th of 1990, ConcepT was founded by eleven students of the studies Bestuurskunde (Public Administration) and Bedrijfskunde (Business Administration). They had decided to join forces to secure the quality of education and organise activities for the civil engineering oriented students of the University of Twente.

Back then, students of the studies Public Administration and Business Administration could follow a ‘civil engineering’ track. It was a concept program consisting of 50% technical courses, 25% Public Administration and 25% Business Administration. In reality, the technical part of the course covered way less than 50%. There were little choices within the program and complaining did not help either, because the program was just a ‘concept’.

On Wednesday January 24th of 1990, at café ‘’t Pleintje’ in Hengelo Holl, Hageman, Haaze, Ten Bok and Boes decided on the name for their ‘department association: ConcepT. They said: “If it doesn’t work, we could always say that it was just a concept.”

In 1992, the University of Twente started the study Civiele Techniek & Management (Civil Engineering & Management). ConcepT became the study association for this study. 

The 90’s

Since its establishment, ConcepT has grown a lot. At the end of the twentieth century, the boards professionalised, organised more and bigger activities, and expanded and improved the cooperation with companies in the work field of civil engineering.

In 1993, the first ConcepTueel came out. It became the professional journal of ConcepT, containing substantive articles and information about the work field of civil engineering. Also in 1993, the first symposium of ConcepT was organised. This symposium had the theme ‘Congestie in kaart gebracht’ (Mapping Congestion) and was the start of an annual tradition. 

2000 - 2004

In 2000, ConcepT celebrated its second lustrum. The theme of this celebration was ‘Evenwicht’ (Balance). In the same year, the name of the study is represents changed to Civiele Techniek (Civil Engineering), dropping the Management from its name. Although, management remained a significant part of the study. At the end of 2000, ConcepT moved to its current location in the basement of the Horst. During 2001, the ConcepT-room and the Hans Kampingplein were furnished, creating a meeting place for ConcepT members.

While the ConcepT-room was being furnished, the very first Study Tour Committee was busy organizing the study tour ‘China Challenge’. Unfortunately, this tour ended prematurely due to the prevailing SARS epidemic. 

2005 - 2009

To celebrate its third lustrum, in 2005, ConcepT achieved a world record by building a bridge with a span of 7.60 m, a headway of 5.91m and a total construction height of 7.65 m out of 2200 beer crates. Unfortunately this record has been broken since then. The theme of this lustrum was ‘TrajecT’ (Track).

In 2007, ConcepT organized the Concrete Cano Race (CCR, in Dutch: Betonkanorace - BKR) on the campus of the University. In the same year, the BetonBrouwers were established as the concrete canoe committee of ConcepT and have since been a stable team in every CCR organized.

In 2006 and 2008, two more study tours were organized: Rising India and Gateway to Africa (South-Africa).

2010 - 2014

During the lustrum of 2010, a new beer crate bridge world record was attempted. In contrast with the theme ‘Geen brug te ver’ (No bridge too far), this attempt failed.

In 2012, when Serious Request was held in Enschede, ConcepT built a huge green Christmas tree out of beer crates on the Van Heekplein in the city centre of Enschede.

Since 2014, the yearly symposium of ConcepT has an integral theme, containing some water, traffic and construction workshops and lectures. This changes was made, in order to make the symposium more appealing to all members of ConcepT 

ConcepT further improved its professionalism during this time period. A new ‘house-style’ was created, a new website was built and the number of activities is increased. Also, three study tours were organized: Booming Brazil in 2010, Urban Asia (Singapore and Indonesia) in 2012 and Latin Links (Argentina and Uruguay) in 2014.

2015 - 2019

In 2015 ConcepT celebrated its 25th birthday by organising various activities. For this lustrum with the theme “Staat als een dijk” (Strong as a dike), a big swimming pool out of beer crates was built on the Ganzenveld. The building of this pool ended win a big pool party.

During the autumn of 2016, a group of about 25 students went to the United States of America to visit the country of endless possibilities during the study tour ‘American Ambitions’.

In the spring of 2017, ConcepT once again had the honour of organizing the CCR. This time, the CCR was held on the Twentekanaal.

From the summer of 2017 onwards, the bachelor of Civil Engineering will gradual transition into English. For ConcepT, this means a rise in international students and a change to English as our lingua franca. 

In 2018 the studytour 'Join Japan' went to Japan to visit the country of the rising sun.

Furthermore, ConcepT once again tried to break the crate bridge world record. The CrateX committee worked hard for months to accomplish this record. Together with a building team they started building the bridge and after a week, all the crates were placed at the right place. During the Open Days of the University of Twente the record attempt would have started, however it was canceled at the last moment. 

2020 - now

In 2020 ConcepT celebrated its 30th birtday by organising multiple events in the first two weeks of February. The theme of this lustrum was 'In Bridges We Trusst'. Multiple parties, a beer sixcamp, a BiLa ('Binnenlandsreis'), several professional activities and even a deep fry eating contest were organised.