Structure Master's Programme

Both Civil Engineering and Management and Construction Engineering and Management have the same structure.

- Two years full time

- English-thaught

- 5 EC courses (17 no.)

- Pre-Thesis (5-10 EC)

- MSc Thesis (30 EC)

Once you have chosen a specialisation, you choose a profile or track.

A profile consists of:

- Courses (85 EC)

     - Profile Courses (Minimum of 30 EC)

     - Profile Electives (no minimum or maximum)

     - Free Electives (maximum of 15 EC)

- Graduation Thesis on a topic within your profile (35-40 EC)

     - Preparation MSc-thesis (5-10 EC)

     - MSc Thesis (30 EC)

The profile structure of CEM and CME visualised.

For additional information, please first go to the respective websites at Civil Engineering and Manegement, and Construction Management and Engineering or see the Programme's Canvas-page.