Bachelor thesis

Modules 11 and 12 of the programme focus on the final assignment. In the last two modules of your Bachelor Civil Engineering, you will have to do your Bachelor Thesis. Module 11 is a preparation for your bachelor final assignment and in module 12 students do their final assignment.

During your 10- or 11-week assignment, you will proof to have enough content knowledge, but also your capability to work systematically and report your work. You execute your assignment within in a Civil Engineering company/institution either in the Netherlands or abroad; this hands-on experience is the only way to link your obtained knowledge and skills with practice. You will have 2 supervisors; an external and an internal. The supervisor at the company you execute your assignment at, will supervise your daily work, whereas the supervisor at the UT will monitor the progression with regards to writing the thesis. The product you hand in at the end of the assignment, contains (among other things) a report in which the execution and results are described.

Before you can start with these modules, you are obliged to have finished ALL other parts of the Bachelor, meaning you need to have 150EC assigned in your Osiris-account.

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Information sources

Currently, several parts of the whole procedure, such as the timeline and the set up of Module 11, are being revised. The information presented on this webpage is more general information. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Programme's website on the Bachelor thesis.

On this website, you find:

Furthermore, you can check for more inspiration with full reports of passed theses in civil engineering.


Below, certain phases in the timeline are discussed.

Starting with your Bachelor thesis

You have to undertake several steps during the preparation of your Bachelor thesis. These are listed below.

  1. Register in Mobility Online*
  2. Choose a field of specialisation (Construction, Traffic or Water)
  3. Wait for an email by the Bachelor thesis coordinator
  4. Work through the first steps of Mobility Online
  5. Intake meeting with the specialisation's Bachelor thesis coordinator
  6. Start looking for a Bachelor thesis position 
  7. Once you have found a position, write an introductory research proposal. The specialisation's Bachelor thesis coordinator uses this to assign an internal supervisor.
  8. Plan a meeting with your internal supervisor to discuss further steps
  9. During Module 11 (or before), you can start developing your research proposal. This is an iterative process between you and your supervisors.
  10. Once your research proposal is far enough and has been approved by the internal supervisor, you can start at the external location. Normally this is in week 9 of Module 11. Important note: if you start at the external location BEFORE your proposal has been approved, you are at risk of having your proposal and position at the external location declined. 

​*Mobility Online: All internships at other educational institutes both in the Netherlands and abroad, graduation assignments and courses abroad must be registered in Mobility Online. You can see this as some sort of tracking application the UT uses to know where each UT-student is (if not at the UT) and what he is doing. You can find a manual on Mobility Online here.