SOG (procrastination)

During lectures, studying for exams or doing assignment, some distraction is needed. On this page some tips can be found for your SOG (Studie Ontwijtkend gedrag) or (in English) Procrastination. If you have any additions to this list, you can mail them to Secretary. 

English websites

Reminisce with the photoalbum
Watch clips on LiveLeak
Funny pictures and clips on Break 
Expand your knowledge, go to a random Wiki-page
Test your topographical knowledge? Do a random quiz
Do you feel like testing your music knowledge or want to practice for a pubquiz? Go to Massive Music Quiz
Is that one assignment just one big puzzle to you? Practice with Jigsaw Puzzles of National Geographic
Do you need some variety while doing MATLAB? Tetris!
A good game for the entire project group: Achtung die Kurve!
On this site, you can look at interesting and less interesting pictures: 9gag
Random websites, because awesomeness: The Useless Web
OMG, cats in space!
More pages about cats, more better:
Nom nom nom, cookies!
Do you want to produce new music? Become a DJ!
Draw a terrible doodle and let the computer try to guess what it is!
Get in shape! 
Get to know new music artists: Music-map
Will you let the Mexicans in? Try it!
Did you lose your cursor? You idiot!
Create your own dance party! Swing it!

Dutch websites (but can still be fun if you don't understand Dutch!)

Watch clips on Dumpert
Fun articles on flabber 
Look for cheap beer at 
Watch educational movies on a big variety of topics: kudsite
Which tosti are you? Click here 
Is Ramon drunk already? 
Looking for good curse words? Look here

Do you need some clothing advice?

Can you put on a white three-quarter legging? No, of course not! 
Can I put on a afritsbroek? Ha, lolbroek! 
Is it already time for sandals? Are you crazy?!