What is Canvas?
Canvas is an online learning environment where information about the courses and project can be found. You can also receive notifications from lectures here. Lectures put their PowerPoint slides and additional information here so you are always able to check them. Grades are often also put in Canvas, but only when they are also put in Osiris they are definite.

Why should I use it?
On Canvas, important study-related materials that you need are posted here. Besides, assignments, and sometimes online tests, have to be delivered through canvas. Online lectures are also given through canvas.

How does it look like?
Go to

  1. Log in with your student number and password
  2. The first page you will see is the front page of Canvas: the Dashboard. This is where the courses you follow are shown. If you followed the checklist already, three courses should be already visible:
    • Civil Engineering. This is the general page for every civil engineering student. Information regarding the programme for Bachelor, Master and Minor students is shown here. Important documents which affecting all civil engineer students can be seen here. (If you do not see this block add it than by clicking on the following link:
    • Introduction to Civil Engineering: This is Module 1 of Civil Engineering. Here everything about the module itself can be found. (If you do not see this block, check than in OSIRIS if you are registered in the module (see Chapter 3). If you are: it can take a couple of minutes to see the page in Canvas)
    • Mathematics Line (2020-2021): The mathematics course during your whole Bachelor can be found here. Since multiple studies are following the same mathematics courses, the page has been split from the civil engineering track.

       3. When you click on one of the courses, the Courses tab will be selected. For now, only the most important tabs are described, which are the Modules, People and Conferences (see the figure below)This should look something like this: