Faculty Council

Civil Engineering is part of the faculty Engineering Technology (ET). The Faculty Council is the advisory body of the Faculty Board. The Faculty Council advises the Faculty Board on various topic including research, education, wellbeing, housing and finance. The Faculty Council gives consent on topics like the annual plan, Exam and Education Regulations (EER), and specific budgets like the quality agreements. The Council consists of five students and five staff members. The student members of the council are chosen each year by the students of the three study programmes of ET. 

More information on the faculty council can be found here.

From left to right, Pieter Worm, Lukas Raadschelders, Jouke van der Veen, Roel Schoorlemmer, Luna Claassen, Wouter Grouve, Anouk Bomers, Annemarie Bos-Lubbers, Irma Droste, Salomé Sanchez

Faculty Council of ET:

Staff members:

Dr. Ir. Wouter Grouve
PhD Salomé Sanchez
Dr. Ir. Anouk Bomers
Irma Droste
Annemarie Bos

Student members:

Luna Claassen
Lukas Raadschelders     
Roel Schoorlemmer
Jouke van der Veen 
Pieter Worm