The Master programme

Civil engineering is extremely broad. From coastal protection and water management, to large structures and the construction management. From land reclamation and mobility to infrastructure and the structural mechanics within bridges. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly think about the choice which Master programme suits you the best.

At the University of Twente, there are two Master programmes within civil engineering, namely 1) Civil Engineering and Management (CEM), and 2) 4TU Construction Management and Engineering (CME).

Both programmes operate at the interfaces of civil engineering, public administration and management science. The programmes aim to teach students qualitative and quantitative knowledge on the life cycle of civil engineering systems and objects, with a particular focus on the initial phase, the phase of the conceptual or functional design, and the operation and maintenance phase - all in a societal and environmental context.

On this page, you can find more information on these programmes, regarding their structure and content. Furthermore, you can find a global timeline for the process of choosing a Master programme. Moreover, a flowchart is presented summarizing all information. For additional information, please first go to their respective websites at Civil Engineering and Manegement, and Construction Management and Engineering or see the programme's Canvas-page.

If you want more specific information, please go to:

- Master Study Advisor (Monique Duyvesteijn, BH111)

- CME Coordinator (Hans Boes, Z214)

- TEM Coordinator (Eric van Berkum, Z228)

- WEM Coordinator (Bas Borsje, W212)

- ICES Coordinator (Jord Warmink, W212)