Teacher of the Year

Each year the best teacher of Civil Engineering gets the teacher-of-the-year price. For this price students nominate their best teacher. The teacher of the year gets a trophy and is for a whole year the best teacher of Civil Engineering. Also, the teacher of the year is nominated for the central education price of the University of Twente.

The Teacher of the Year 2021 is dr. ir. F. Vahdatikhaki!

In previous years the following teacher were teacher of the year:

  • 2020: ing. G.H. Snellink
  • 2019: dr. ir. B.W. Borsje
  • 2018: dr. ir. F. Vahdatikhaki
  • 2017: dr. ir. P.C. Roos
  • 2016: dr. S.R. Miller
  • 2015: dr. ir. P.C. Roos
  • 2014: dr. ir. P.C. Roos
  • 2013: dr. ir. P.C. Roos
  • 2012: mr. drs. M. Harmsen
  • 2011: prof.dr.ir.ing. A.E.C. van der Stoel
  • 2010: prof.dr.ir. M.F.A.M. van Maarseveen
  • 2009: dr.ir. M.H.P. Zuidgeest
  • 2008: ir. R.S. de Graaf
  • 2006: dr. J.T. Voordijk
  • 2005: prof.dr.ir. M.F.A.M. van Maarseveen
  • 2003: dr.ir. M.H.P. Zuidgeest
  • 2002: dr.ir. M.H.P. Zuidgeest