Educational Committee

The Educational Committee is an advisory body of the Educational Board. Since September of 2017, this committee has the right of consent, in addition to the pre-existing right of consultation. The committee consists of five student members and five staff members. In addition to the student and teacher members, the programme director, educational coordinator and Officer of Educational Affairs are guests during the meetings. The Educational Committee meets around five times per year. During these meeting the course evaluations, the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), and other actual educational subjects will be discussed. If you have any questions about de Educational Committee, please get in touch with one of the student members or the Officer of Educational Affairs.

The current student members of the Educational Committee:

  • Loes Hazenberg – Master Student Traffic Engineering and Management 
  • Vera Glas – Master student Water Engineering and Management 
  • Alexey Chechin – Master student Construction Management and Engineering
  • Eva Mol – Bachelor student Civil Engineering and Management 
  • Justus Meyer – Bachelor student Civil Engineering and Management