About ConcepT

ConcepT is the study association for students of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management (CEM) or Construction Management and Engineering (CME). ConcepT has around 700 Civil Engineering students of whom 120 members are active at the study association. ConcepT organises activities in three different categories: Professional, Educational and Social.


Lustrum Programme

The Lustrum Programme is now annouced! Two weeks of amazing activities will be organised by the lustrumcommittee, lustrumgalacommittee and...

Educational News

Study Abroad photo challange

  • Educational News

Want to share your Study Abroad story and/or your UT experience? Here is your chance to enter an unique photo competition! We invite you to...

[Master students] A new master in town

  • Educational News

There will be a new Master curriculum you can join as an addition to your current/coming Master. It will be some sort of Honours-programme...

Student Card trouble

  • Educational News

As of this year, your student card has changed. Where in all prior years the academic year of distribution was given, this year it is a...

[Master students] UT MKB-scholarships

  • Educational News

I would like to inform you about the new initiative of MKB(SME) Scholarships for UT Master Students. By participating on this programme...