About ConcepT

ConcepT is the study association for students of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management (CEM) or Construction Management and Engineering (CME). ConcepT has around 700 Civil Engineering students of whom 120 members are active at the study association. ConcepT organises activities in three different categories: Professional, Educational and Social.


Workshops in negotiation

Are you in your 2nd year or more? Are you interested in developing your negotiation expertise to a professional level? Starting in October we...

[DUTCH] Lezing Studium Generale: Energietransitie in Twente

On October 6th from 16:30 until 20:00, Studium Generale will provide a lecture about the energytransition in Twente. Unfortunately, the...

Educational News

Civil Engineering Canvas-page

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Are you already subscribed to the Canvas-page of the programme? If not, do it now! Via the Civil Engineering Canvas-page, the programme will...