About ConcepT

ConcepT is the study association for students of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management (CEM) or Construction Management and Engineering (CME). ConcepT has around 700 Civil Engineering students of whom 120 members are active at the study association. ConcepT organises activities in three different categories: Professional, Educational and Social.

What's new?

Candidate Board 2024

  • What's new?

As the 35th Board of ConcepT, we have the pleasure to announce the Candidate Board of 2024! Candidate Board 2024 consists of:  Floris-Luc...

Teacher of the Year 2022

  • What's new?

Thursday the 23rd of March the teacher of the year award was held. 4 teachers got nominated, who all presented their own mini-lecture. The...

Free Fruit

  • What's new?

From now on you can get free fruit in the ConcepT room.  You can get 1 piece of fruit every day so you can stay healthy!

New Board!

  • What's new?

The new ConcepT Board of 2023 is finally here! Come to the ConcepT room to meet them: Lars Paternotte - Chairman Maarten Stolwijk - Secretary...

Candidate Board 2023

  • What's new?

The 34rd board of ConcepT is very happy to announce the Candidate Board of 2023! The candidate positions are as follows: Lars Paternotte:...

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Student Services

Student Services is here to help! The Contact Centre is the central hub where students can seek answers to all their questions. You can visit...

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