Boskalis creates new horizons for all its stakeholders. As a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider we offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and services. Maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards, we provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions to our clients in the offshore energy sector, ports, and coastal and delta regions of the world.

With its roots in the Netherlands, Boskalis has over 100 years’ experience in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and land reclamation. Our head office is located in Papendrecht and we have an extensive network of branches around the world. We operate in 90 countries and across six continents, with a versatile fleet of more than 900 vessels and floating equipment. Shares in the company have been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1971.

Corporate Business Plan (CBP)

Based on three strategic pillars - Focus, Sustainable Growth and Human Excellence - the CBP for 2020-2022 addresses current and anticipated developments in our global business environment. In monitoring and developing our corporate strategy we keep a clear eye on the long-term megatrends that underpin the Boskalis business model, being population growth, growing world trade, increasing energy demand, climate change and the energy transition.

A positive development is expected in these macro-trends. World trade, and demand for infrastructure, raw materials and energy in particular, is driven by the structural growth and increasing prosperity of the world's population, which is increasingly living in coastal areas.

To address climate change adequately, huge investments in adaptive measures are needed. The increasing demand for maritime infrastructure is an important driver for the sustainable growth of the activities and it opens up opportunities to expand the company further.

Student or Starter at Boskalis

Whether you come to Boskalis as a student or an entry-level employee, you will be given plenty of responsibility from day one. You are the talent of the future, which also means that we set the bar high. Courage, perseverance and the ambition to make the impossible possible are qualities that we will in any case expect from you. Working at Boskalis means identifying opportunities and grasping them. If you show the organization what you’re made of there is plenty of scope for career development. You are responsible for shaping your own career but will of course be provided with the best supervision.