Currently the following workgroups are active at ConcepT:

- Financial workgroup (active since March 2022)

The financial workgroup is busy with determining the target equity for ConcepT.

- Internationalisation workgroup (active since June 2022)

The internationalisation workgroup is looking into the current situation at ConcepT regarding internationalisation. Besides that, they are also reflecting on the past few years and the old internationalisation guideline that was written in 2017. 

- Crate Bridge Guideline workgroup (active since November 2022)

The Crate Bridge Guideline workgroup is busy with setting up a guideline for the Crate Bridge Committee. This way setting up a new Crate Bridge Committee will be easier and the No/Go moments will be clear. 

- Internal fund workgroup (active since December 2022)

The internal fund workgroup investigates the necesity of an internal fund, if it is necesary, how it can be filled and how it should be used