Workshops in negotiation

Are you in your 2nd year or more? Are you interested in developing your negotiation expertise to a professional level? Starting in October we will begin with our 3rd year of weekly negotiation lectures and trainings. Two years in a row we achieved a proud placing in the international Negotiation competition for Masters, and hopefully you will be part of the team 2020-2021  leading the UT to victory, once again!

In the training sessions we will focus on enhancing your capabilities in:

  • Distributive / Integrative strategies 
  • Value creation 
  • Relationship building
  • Skills training
  • Personality building
  • Conflict/ Hostage negotiation 
  • Salary negotiation 
  • Contract negotiation and many more…


Interested ? Then register for free to be part of the NEGOTIATION PROJECT TWENTE (NPT) 3RD EDITION       —-> HERE <—-

NOT SURE ? join the OFF/ON CAMPUS September TRY OUTS on:

off campus, online  -> 16th SEPT. 18:00 (Link will be shared after registration)

on campus  -> 25th SEPT. 18:00 ( More info via. Mail)

But hurry, there are only limited spots available (first come -> first serve). 

If you did not get a spot, do not worry, there is always a next year!  :)

More info at

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us via.



Your NPT Board 


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