Nordic Steel Bridge competition

BRICO 2021 – The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition

BRICO 2021 is a great opportunity for students studying civil engineering, mechanical engineering or architecture (students from other faculties are also welcome) to test their designing skills in competitive and fun atmosphere. Best teams will receive considerable monetary prizes (up to €6000). BRICO is not only about competition. During five days in Estonia a lot of different social and cultural events are planned as well. Food and accommodation will be provided for all the participating teams. If you participate in the event, you will receive 6 EC (you can use this for example as a part of your minor). The most important rules and regulations can be found here.

Location and date: Tallinn, Estonia, 10 – 14 May 2021
Deadline application: January 17 in 2021

This competetion will take place in teams of 4 people. After you found your team mates, you can contact Michelle Hamhuis , the programme coordinator, via to receive more information.


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