ECIU Strategic Challenge

Unique opportunity to spice up your master's thesis project

Is your master's thesis topic related to the theme ‘climate neutral campus in Europe’? Then read on quickly. The ECIU University is offering students the chance to take part in the ECIU Strategic Challenge, a combination of working on your individual master's thesis project and simultaneously working in an international interdisciplinary team on a challenge of your own choosing - a real societal problem that you will investigate as a team and for which you will find and implement a solution.

The strategic challenge is a five-month challenge that offers master students a unique learning experience. It involves writing a Master’s thesis (expected workload of about 900 hours or about 30 ECTS) that is somehow linked to the topic of the challenge. The maximum of 30 ECTS includes both the writing of a Master’s thesis and the work on the challenge, since both are assumed to be of mutual benefit. Examination and grading are conducted according to home university guidelines and regulations.

Check the website for more information and registration.