About Tauw

Just like you, TAUW has an ambition 
Dreams, ideals and ambitions. We all have them. But where can you make them part of your daily work? At TAUW you can!

At TAUW you will work on meaningful projects which contribute to a vital living environment. You will work in an inspiring organization, and at the same time have the opportunity to continuously improve yourself.

This means you will LIVE YOUR AMBITION while also contributing to TAUW’s collective ambition.  Because just like you, TAUW has an ambition. As a leading European environmental consultancy, we create solutions that make sustainability tangible and feasible for current and future generations. 

We are shaping a vital living environment together with over 1,200 dedicated employees at offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

It’s not just a daily job, it’s… a living ambition 

Graduation Studies at TAUW [Dutch only]

TAUW offers Graduation Studies in the water field for both Bachelor- and Master students. You can work from one their many offices, but most likely you can work on your graduation study from TAUW's office in Deventer, which is close to the trainstation. You can also work partly from another location.