Infram Hydren

Infram Hydren

About Infram Hydren

Infram Hydren, a division of Infram since 2019, is a specialized entity within Infram that focuses on water management, particularly in the field of flood protection. Infram has a rich history rooted in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, spatial visualization, and the development and application of various models and tools (such as Matlab and Python).

Graduation Studies at Infram Hydren [Dutch only]

Infram Hydren offers water Graduation Studies in the topics of Hydraulic Engineering and water safety. Working on your Graduation study can both at their office in Maarn (U.) or from home/the University, two days per week at their office is usual.  On top of that Infram Hydren can make arrangements concerning traveling costs and Infram Hydren will provide the necessary software for your Graduation Study. 

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