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Board 2024
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Jun 6, 2024 08:45 - 14:15

Excursion Van Gelder Maarsbergen

There is an excursion,

This time the excursion will go to Maarsbegen in the province of Utrecht. This excursion will go to the construction site of the project started by ProRail which is about improving chokepoints allongsite the railtrack between Arnhem and Utrecht. This project is started because in the future even more trains will travel between Utrecht and Arnhem and this comes with some problems. One of these chokepoints allong this traintrack is in Maarsbergen and is the crossing of the N226 over this traintrack. Cause in the current situation there is already a lot of train traffic going over these rails wich causes the traintrack crossing to be closed quite often wich already causes traffic jams. Therefore in order to upkeep the safety and traffic flow it was neccecerly to improve this crossing, thuss it has been decided to construct railway underpasses for the N226 and for the bicycle tracs parralel to this road. 

If think this is interesting feel free to subscribe. 

The excursion will start at 08:45 at the achterhorst, we will than go by vans towards Maarsbergen here we will first get an explenation about the project from Van Gelder after wich we will have a tour around the construction site followed by a lunch provided by van Gelder. 

After all this we will travel back to Enschede where we will arive around 14:15


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