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Board 2023
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Oct 11, 2023 10:45 - 18:00

EXCURSION: Dike Reinforcement in Tiel

Between Tiel and Waardenburg, we are reinforcing almost twenty kilometres of dike. We are doing this because it no longer meets legal safety requirements. The dike will be raised, verges will be built and sheet piling will be installed. Construction combination Mekante Diek (consisting of Ploegam, Van Oord and Dura Vermeer) is carrying out the dyke reinforcement work on behalf of the Rivierenland Water Board. The plan is to have the entire section between Tiel and Waardenburg high-water safe by the end of 2026. This excursion will tell you more about the background to this major project. We will also take you through the technical details from design to implementation.

Picture by Paul Poels


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