About this event

AkCie 2021
22 - 24 Apr 2021


It is almost time for one of the biggest student events: The Batavierenrace! Normally, we would have travelled to Nijmegen together and run all the way to Enschede and end off with a huge end party at the university, but that is unfortunately not possible this year. Though, the Batavierencommissie still organised a slightly changed Bata for this year on the 23rd and the 24th of April. The objective is to run 125 km together with your team. All the separate Strava recorded runs from the members will be added up to get this 125 kilometres. 

If you have questions or other remarks, please contact Willem Bosch (chief of Bata) via +31 630739168 or w.g.h.bosch@student.utwente.nl


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