About this event

Kick-In Camp Committee 2023
Date and time
28 Aug 2023 23:00 - 30 Aug 2023 23:00

Kick-In activist

In a few months the new first years will arrive in Enschede, like always they will be welcomed by the Kick-In. Currently the Kick-In Camp Committee is busy with organizing a Kick-In camp for the faculty days! To make this possible we are looking for activists. If you do not want to miss the Kick-In camp and want to ensure that the kiddos have an unforgettable Kick-In, then do not hesitate and send an email to kickin@concept.utwente.nl. In this email include why you are the activist that we are looking for! Signing up is possible until the 30th of june. Keep in mind that the costs of becoming an activist will be around 35 euros

The following things will influence our decision:

  • The ratio between men and women
  • The ratio between different years
  • BHV/EHBO certificates
  • Enthusiasm
  • Whether you are already a do-group parent during the regular (physical) kick-in
  • Drivers license
  • Do you have a trailer?
  • Other (handy) things that may be handy

Ps. make sure to send in something creative!