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Mar 22, 2023 12:45 - 13:30

Assumption is the mother of all f ups - Projects that failed and how we learn from them

Not every construction project turns into a great success. Scanning through media you might even think that almost every project exceeds estimated budgets or is finished way beyond original deadlines. Every major construction company in the Netherlands has had to deal with these projects in recent years and in 2016 several projects pushed Heijmans’ net profits deep into the red numbers. Since 2017 however net profits are in the green again, so what did we learn and what changed?


We will dive into two of these failed projects: the N23 Westfrisiaweg and the Wilhelminasluis in Zaandam. What caused these projects to drastically exceed budget and planning? What did the project teams do to turn this around and avoid further losses? And last, and maybe most importantly, what did Heijmans as a company change to mitigate the risks of this happening again?


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