About this event

20 - 23 Feb 2023
Beneden Peil

Beneden Peil Lustrum

The 5th Beneden Peil Lustrum is almost there! We as Borrelcie and ConcepT are proud we can have drinks in Beneden Peil for 25 years now. To celebrate this we planned three amazing activities in the week of 20 February. The first activity will be on Monday evening and is a pubquiz. The second activity will be a BP Lustrum Cantus on Tuesday evening. Lastly on Thursday, the dies of BP, there will be an amazing Theme Theme Drink where you all can celebrate the anniversary!

Pubquiz – Monday 20th of February

This evening we will organize a pubquiz about Beneden Peil. Do you know all the facts about the Borrelcie, Beneden Peil, ConcepT and De Horst?? Then this activity is something for you. Next to that there will be a small price for the winner.

Lustrum Cantus – Tuesday 21th of February

The second evening we will organize a Cantus in Beneden Peil. Do you want to sing more songs in Beneden Peil, while you are also drinking some beverages? Then this is the activity you should join.

Theme Theme Drink – Thursday 23th of February

The Thursday there will be a theme theme drink. During this drink, some themes will come by from the last 5 years in Beneden Peil. Next to that, if you are dressed in the correct theme, you can have some free beverages!

We hope to see you all during this week and celebrate together with the Borrelcie and your fellow students the 5th Lustrum of Beneden Peil!!


(NOTE: For the pubquiz and cantus there will be a subscription list. This will be published on the site in the upcoming weeks)