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Jun 16, 2021 12:50 - 13:40
OH 215/Online

Lunch Lecture Wareco

The description for this lunch lecture is not 100% sure yet, so it is possible that it will change a bit.

Within our projects we make use of the Tygron model, which uses open data as well as location specific data to build a 3D world resembling an area of interest. In this model we can explore the effects of precipitation events (and the increased intensity of these events due to climate change) and the effect of measures on the waterstress (maximum water depth occurring on ground level during a precipitation event, which may lead to water flooding into buildings). Measures you can think of are a water storage both above and below ground level, which aims to reduce the waterstress and enhance infiltration, or a modification of the ground level/street profile where we aim to reduce the number of building that are impacted by water (flooding). We will show some of the projects we have done involving Tygron and to tell something about how we implement measures that enhance the climate robustness of a neighbourhood. We do this for both existing neighbourhoods, as well as neighbourhoods that are yet to be built and are still at a preliminary stage.

Good News! We can watch the lunch lecture in the Horst again. The speaker will attend the lunch lecture online. It is therefore also possible to join online. If you are joining the lunch lecture online and want a sandwich from the Broodbode, please contact Loes (or another board member) and we will see what we can arrange for you. 

After the Lunchlecture you can stay in the room and study here with other civil engineering students, to do so you have to sign up by clicking here. 



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