About this event

Board 2020
Date and time
Nov 25, 2020 16:00 - 18:00

Exchange Meet&Greet

Meet & Greet Exchange Online Network drink organised in collaboration with the study associations.
Are you interested in studying abroad, are you currently here as an exchange student or do you have experiences with studying abroad? Make sure to come to the Exchange Meet & Greet! You can talk/chat with experienced students or ask your questions you don't dare to ask members of staff. Be there or be square!

The environment used is Wonder. Read more about this platform here (website is meant for hosts, but perhaps it will give you an idea). If you like, you can already try it out. The layout is not definite, though!

There is a general Canvas page for ET students that would like to go abroad, you can enroll here: https://canvas.utwente.nl/enroll/MY8LMR .