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Date and time
Dec 4, 2019 12:30 - 13:45
OH 113

Lunch Lecture Infram

The language of the lecture will be in dutch!


Edward van Os is a managing partner at Infram B.V. After graduating from his Master degree in Civil Engineering and Management at the Utwente he is specialized in large infrastructure projects. He has been working on various projects like Zuidasdok, Rijlandroute, the kilometerprice and the broadening of the A1. Over the last few years Edward is involved in the reinforcement of 15 dikes in the Northern Maasvalley. His experiences with earlier projects are the key to success to make this huge project a success. Edward will tell you how engineering, the local society, contractmanagement and plan procedures come together in one project and shows the importance of good projectmanagement. Furthermore he will share his experiences 1) on working together in a great team, 2) how the inhabitants of a small village in Limburg stalled the construction of a flood defense and 3) how to involve these inhabitants, such that the region of the Northern Maasvalley, in the end, is safer and more beautiful.

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