When launching its 2016-2020 strategic programme ‘Building the present, creating the future’, the Group defined its vision for 2020: By 2020 BAM will be recognised as one of Europe’s leading sustainable and innovative construction businesses, with healthy profits and a strong balance sheet, active across the total construction life cycle in European home markets and in selected growing economies worldwide. BAM’s vision and unique culture are underpinned by four values which are guiding for the people of BAM. These values are predictable performance, scalable learning, proactive ownership and open collaboration.

BAM is fully embracing digital ways of working. We are using technological innovations such as BIM, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and modular/offsite construction, to enable us to build digitally before building on site.

We adopt a whole life approach to digital, which places our client’s information requirements (employer’s and asset) at its heart. Technologies such as virtual, mixed and augmented reality enable our project team, client and stakeholders to experience an asset before it is constructed. Using a virtual viewer, individuals are able to walk through a building and gain a better understanding of the space and how it meets requirements. We are also able to create virtual fit outs, complete with fixtures, fittings, finishes and lighting, so that clients and potential tenants can see how a floor, room or retail unit would reflect their brand experience. BAM is also exploring the use of robotics and 3D printing in its business. We have developed a 3D builder robot, which is the first of its kind to use free-form print technology and automotive industry robotics. This ground-breaking innovation makes free-form architecture possible, as well as the creation of complex ornamental exteriors.

BAM offers all kinds of possibilities for students in every phase of their study. You can gain experience as an intern or graduation student while studying and after your graduation you can apply for our BAM Graduate Programme or one of the many positions for young professionals.