Study Association ConcepT

ConcepT is the study association for students of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management (CEM) or Construction Management and Engineering (CME). ConcepT organises activities in three different categories: Professional, Educational and Social. 

Through the study association, students can easily get in contact with civil engineering based companies. Throughout the year, ConcepT organizes various lunch lecture, excursions, and workshops through which the students can get to know the work field of civil engineering better. ConcepT also offers the opportunity to get in contact with various companies through activities such as  a symposium and a company dinner.

As a study association, we focus on the quality of the educational program. ConcepT evaluates the study program in collaboration with the students and the educational board. When a student has complaints or comments about their study program, our officer of educational affairs will address this with the educational board.

ConcepT brings students of civil engineering together by organising social activities. Some examples of these activities are our trip abroad (BuLa), the hitchhike contest, a gala and lunches. Every Thursday we have a drink in our own pub ‘Beneden Peil’. This pub is on the same hallway as our association room (ConcepT room).


Telephone: (053) 489 3884  


Study association ConcepT