Membership ConcreeT

When you are graduated, ConcreeT offers the possibility to stay in contact with you old classmates. In order to do so, ConcreeT organizes a drink at a central location in the country every year.   

In addition, as a member of ConcreeT you have the possibility to attend all ConcepT activities, to keep receiving the ConcepTueel, and to log in on the website of ConcreeT to look at recent vacancies.

Becoming a member of ConcreeT costs €25 per year if you want to receive the ConcepTueel, €10 if you do not. Becoming a member is very easy: you only have to indicate that you want to become a member in your deregistration email to ConcepT. No longer a member of ConcepT? Download and fill in the subscription document, which can be found along the general documents and send the filled in document to!