Timeline in choosing a Master programme

Steps towards your Master programme

  • See the programme's websites for full procedure (www.utwente.nl/cem or www.utwente.nl/cme)
  • Near the end of your Bachelor programme, you will be asked what your preferred Master programme and track will be. This is for administrative reasons and  is not yet a definitive choice.
  • In the last months of your Bachelor, think about what you want with your Master programme.
  • On the Master Welcome Day, the first day of the academic year, you have to decide what track and profile you want to do.
  • In collaboration with the track coordinator, determine the feasibility of your chosen track and courses.
  • Changes in the chosen courses (and in the track) are possible throughout the Master, as long as it is in collaboration with your track coordinator.
Procedure for intake, planning and registration Master programme CEM/CME