CEM and CME explained

    Master's Programmes

Civil Engineering and Management (CEM)

has 4 core specialisations (within UT)

- Construction Management and Engineering (CME)

- Traffic Engineering and Management (TEM)

- Water Engineering and Management (WEM)

- Integrated Civil Engineering Systems (ICES)

4TU Construction Engineering and Management (CME)

has 3 core tracks (in 4TU)

- CME University of Twente

- CME TU Delft

- CME TU Eindhoven

With CEM, you have choice in courses of all four specialisations.

With CME, you have choice in all courses of CME at the three different universities, but not other CEM-courses.

Schematic overview of the CEM and CME specialisations.

With CEM, there are 3 specialisations on a specific discipline (Construction, Transport and Water) and 1 specialisation on a specific theme (ICES). In total, CEM has 10 profiles to choose from. See directly below for the general overview. Check at the botom of the page what profile to choose based on your interests.

With CME, you choose your courses throughout the 4TU CME MSc Programme at the three different educational institutes. See for the differences between these institutes below. See for more information the 4TU CME website.

Overview of possible profiles
Differences within CME at different educational institutes.

Construction Management and Engineering profiles

Transport Engineering and Management profiles

Markets and Organisations in Construction

Digital Tecnologies in Construction

Integrated Urban Transport

Transport and Logistics

If interested in:

  • How organisations deal with one another
  • How to manage relationships in/between another
  • Broader organisational / strategic issues for the entire sector

If interested in:

  • How the design process takes place from beginning to end
  • How you can manage the design process
  • Use of newest tools and methods in construction (e.g. BIM)

If interested in:

  • Area development
  • (Urban) planning
  • Policy processes
  • Transport networks
  • Public transport

If interested in:

  • Mathematical approach
  • Traffic flows
  • Logistics and optimization
  • Combination of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Water Engineering and Management profiles

Integrated Civil Engineering Systems profiles

Integrated Water Management

River and Coastal Engineering

Choose a profile you are interested in:

If interested in:

  • Managing water problems
  • Use of tools and methods in water policy
  • Governance

If interested in:

  • Physical aspects of water systems
  • Modelling water systems and the impact of measures

  • Civil Engineering Structures
  • Modelling and forecasting
  • Sustainability
  • Smart cities