FLTR Top: Martijn, Max, Remco, Tim -Bottom: Timen, Ype, Luuk

The BuLa committee organises a trip abroad somewhere in Europe every year. The name BuLa comes from the Dutch words for trip abroad: Buitenlandreis. During the BuLa, some civil engineering projects are visited and the local culture is experienced. This trips is the perfect combination of fun and profession. 

BuLa 2018

Max de Vries (2016) Chairman
Remco van der Kuijlen (2015) Treasurer
Martijn van Arem (2016) Secretary
Luuk Nieuwenhuis (2015) Chief of External Affairs
Tim Luyten (2016) Chief of Internal Affairs & Contact Person Hoog-Praesidium
Timen de Groot (2017) Chief of Excursions
Ype Willemsen (2016) Chief of Excursions

E-mail: Bula2018@ConcepT.utwente.nl