The Borrelcie takes care for all drinks of ConcepT in our own pub ““Beneden Peil”.

Every Thursday there is a regular drink from 15:30 till 19:00 in “Beneden Peil”. 

Do you want to rent the drink rooms for a drink? Send a mail to

The bartenders also organize graduation drinks for people who finish their education. For more information graduation drinks drinks go to 'Graduation party'


Geert Luijkx (2012) Chairman
Siska de Vreeze (2015) Secretary
Evelien Hageman (2015) Treasurer
Marijn Horstman (2009) Chief of Supply
Martijn Peters (2013) Chief of Internal Affairs
Floran Witting (2011) Bartender
Vera Verhoeven (2015) Bartender
Ramon Oppers (2014) Bartender
Willem Trommelen (2014) Bartender
Mats Hof (2017) Bartender
Daan Wilms (2017) Bartender
Sven Lanting (2017) Bartender
Anouk van Daatselaar (2015) Bartender
Frank Diepenmaat (2015) Bartender
Jesse Vink (2017) Bartender
Roy Dierx (2014) Bartender

E-mail: (borrelbestuur)