Since 1972, a Concrete Canoe Race (in Dutch: BetonKanoRace; BKR) is organised in a different student city in the Netherlands every year. From 1990 on, the University of Twente has competed in this race with a ConcepT team. The buildingcommittee only won once, an overall price in 1998. When in 2007, the CCR was organised by ConcepT on the Campus of the UT, the team started to professionalise. They took on the name BetonBrouwers (Brewers of Concrete) and have won every overall price from 2008 up until 2015 and the biannual (German) Betonkanu-Regatta in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015! The BetonBrouwers also competed in the Challenge Canoë Bèton in Arras, France in 2011 and won every price (except for the beauty price)! 

Foto: Victoria Kühne


Welmoed Spanjer Chairman
rob kriellaars Secretary
Nick van Nijen Treasurer
Jop Keja Chief of External Affairs
Luc Scholten Chief of External Affairs
Torben Sozef Eventmanager
Lukas Raadschelders Chief of CAD
Ivo Bruijl Chief of Media
Bram Denkers Chief of Concrete
Irma van Rozendaal Chief of Concrete
Bauwe Jansma Chief of Concrete
Daan Kampherbeek Chief of Construction
Lydia Heida Chief of Construction
Lútsen Bonekamp Chief of Construction
Marit Lambers Member
Renier Timmermans Member