Teacher of the Year 2022

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Thursday the 23rd of March the teacher of the year award was held. 4 teachers got nominated, who all presented their own mini-lecture. The people then voted on the winner and the winner was decided to be Pieter Roos!

Congratulations and thank you to him and also to Joao Santos, Vasilis Kitsikoudis and Gerrit Snellink for being nominated and delivering an amazing mini-lecture.

The winning video can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Ifp3E7wmc.

Pieter will continue on to university wide elections, where we will fully support him of course.

Candidate Board 2024

Candidate Board 2024

As the 35th Board of ConcepT, we have the pleasure to announce the Candidate Board of 2024! Candidate Board 2024 consists of: ...


Free Fruit

From now on you can get free fruit in the ConcepT room.  You can get 1 piece of fruit every day so you can stay healthy!