The NSE is back in town!

As study association we attach great value to the quality of education. It is, after all, one of the three main pillars of our association. However, before you can change anything for the better, you have to know what the flaws and/or weak links are. Therefore we as ConcepT ask you to fill in the evaluation forms. It might not have a direct influence on your own studying experience, but for the student generations after you, your opinion can make a substantial difference.


NSE 2019

An additional form of quality assurance is the participation in the National Student Survey (NSE). This is a national survey which every year gives tens of thousands of students the opportunity to give their opinion on their studies. We motivate students to participate in the NSE because it provides pupils and students insight into student’s opinions on the programme. The NSE 2019 will start at the beginning of February 2019.


Master Orientation Market 2018

Missed anything during the Master Orientation Market? You can ask Saskia for the PowerPoint that was used or you can go to this website...