Teacher of the Year

At Thursday the 12th of March the annual Teacher of the Year drink was held. At this drink the three nominees that were voted for the most in the pre-election came to give a small presentation about themselves. The three nominated teachers were Seirgei Miller (represented by Fahrid Vahdatikhaki), Pieter Roos and Gerrit Snellink. After they gave a presentation, the audience was asked to vote on who they think was the best teacher in 2019. The votes were counted and the winner of the Teacher of the Year award 2019 is Gerrit Snellink.


Order books Quartile 4

The books for Quartile 4 can now be ordered via the following link: https://ConcepT.itdepartment.nl/


Civil Engineering Canvas-page

Are you already subscribed to the Canvas-page of the programme? If not, do it now! Via the Civil Engineering Canvas-page, the programme...


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