Student Card trouble

As of this year, your student card has changed. Where in all prior years the academic year of distribution was given, this year it is a year-neutral card, with the idea that, since it is year neutral, you don't have to get a new card each year. 


Although this decision is good for the waste-reduction, it does come with several less positive points.

First of all, you obviously should be extra careful with the card, because if you lose it, you can't wait until next summer for a new card. You will have to order a new one.

Secondly, and more importantly, since you can't see in what year you were a student in the educational programme that stands on your student card, during e.g. tests, you will have to show that you are you and that you are a student in said educational programme in this specific year in another way. Long story short: you are obligated to keep your Declaration of Enrolment with you at all times during official testing moments.


You can find your Declaration of Enrolment in your Osiris main profile page, under the Degree Programme.


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