The program:

• Includes a 6-week online program that requires students to meet (at least) once a week in the DesignLab to work with their leadership circle to complete the deliverables set by the program.

• University Innovation Fellows is going from two to one cycle of online training each year, to take place every Fall which will take place between September 4th and October 18th 2018.

• Different from previous years, the invite to the meetup is not automatic. After their Fall training, UIF’s will have to show impact by December 21 to qualify for an invite to the March 2019 Silicon Valley meetup.

• Program, travel and lodging expenses will be covered by the University of Twente.

• Each student is expected to have at least 6-8 hours per week available.

• More detailed information can be found in this orientation video.


The applicants:

• Demonstrate a strong interest in innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset combined with a genuine desire to inspire fellow students.

• Are ready and willing to make a positive impact on campus.

• Are students from all majors who have at least two more years left on campus. Undergraduate, graduate and post-docs will be considered, however, they NEED to have the following skills/drive:

o possess a great attitude, strong listening skills and exceptional execution abilities.

o can inspire peers and recruit/manage/empower a team of volunteers.

o can develop a rapport with faculty and institutional leadership, build support and form coalitions.

o understand that change in academia is not easy, but possess the persistence, perseverance and willingness to set up systems that will continue even after they graduate.

o who the other University Innovation Fellows would want to have in their network as peers, friends and potential collaborators.


The goals:

• Teaching Innovation through entrepreneurship.

• That fellows work to create lasting institutional change that will increase student engagement with creativity, innovation, design thinking, entrepreneurship and venture creation.

• To train teams of students to survey the entrepreneurial landscape at their schools and identify opportunities for impact. Past projects include new classes, campus events, freshmen engagement experiences, design challenges, maker spaces and student-run organizations.

• To cultivate each student as a leader who motivates others to support lasting institutional enhancements that create a vibrant culture of innovation. By being part of a team that participates in the same training, these students can inspire even more peers and provide their campus with a wider breadth of opportunity in regards to innovation and entrepreneurship.

• Finding assets, resources, networks, learning how to connect in your own area

• Learning about Design Thinking, lean start-up using a business Model Canvas and Hackathons to think out of the box.


Other points

• The University of Twente is the first European University to join the program and is very open to other universities in Europe to join.

• We are talking to the organization from Stanford University how and what it might mean to become a European Hub for this program. We will start to introduce our university to the UIF during our 2018 European Meet up during the 2018 CuriousU. |

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