[Master students] UT MKB-scholarships

I would like to inform you about the new initiative of MKB(SME) Scholarships for UT Master Students. By participating on this programme students tuition fee of the 2 years’ Master study at UT will be fully covered by MKB-employers. In return, students actively participate in SME Technology knowledge community with workshops, challenges, company visits and network events. The goal of the programme is to bring up-and-coming talent and the Twente SME business together in an early stage, with the aim of permanently enriching each other's knowledge and network.

Application for this programme is now open:  www.utwente.nl/mkb-scholarshipsThe deadline for application is July 12th.

See also the publication on Utoday: https://www.utoday.nl/news/67151/nieuwe-mkb-beurs-voor-studenten.


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