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Dec 20, 2018 14:00 - 17:00

Workshop AT Osborne

Workshop AT Osborne:
Project Recovery: where project management meets crisis management

Our workshop is about recovering large spatial projects. As project managers, directors and involved consultants we want to prevent projects to fail. But when they fail, how can we get those projects back on track?

To answer that question, we start at the beginning: why do projects fail? And when projects eventually fail, we need good project – and crisis management to recover the projects. In other words: Project Recovery. On the basis of practical examples from both types of management, we briefly show some techniques which could be used.

Participants are able to get a brief project recovery experience with our case “Applying Project Recovery”. Participants get a case description, including a list observations and facts from a project. In groups, they get to analyse the problem (what is the cause?) and give an advise on the next three steps to recover the project. To gather more information they are able to interview one of the involved persons of the (reality based) project.


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