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Symposium committee 2019
Date and time
Jan 9, 2019 12:45 - 13:30
OH 116

Kick-Off lecture Symposium 2019

Globalisation, urbanisation, climate change and a growing world population. The expectations and wishes that we as people demand from our cities, our infrastructure and our water management increases rapidly. At the same time environmental sustainability and conservation of our nature is also an important factor. How can we as engineers of tomorrow build and manage in the most efficient way, how can we apply multifunctional measures in our civil engineering designs? Together we will need to Search for space!

On Wednesday 9th of January MOTT MACDONALD will present how they managed a big civil engineering project at Utrecht Central station with 35 million visitors per year. A excellent example for how in a high densely populated area solutions can found for the increasing demands of our society.


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